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Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Vinefire Ready to be Picked

"Earn Cash Within Minutes!" That's what the say at Vinefire. A recent article about Vinefire reminds us that Vinefire discloses on their website that Vinefire is an experiment, and their hopes were that they would be purchased by a larger company. Thus, the money in your account may or may not ever be paid out (BestMommy, 2009).

According to the Vinefire Newsletter - Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, the Vinefire website might have been sold. Now, I'm still very skeptical, but I have to admit that rushed to login to my Vinefire account and ramped up my balance from $0.04 to a little over $50. Hey, maybe they're right, "Earn Cash Within Minutes!" Here's what they wrote:

Hello Everyone,

We are preparing to sell the Vinefire website. The website will likely be under new ownership within a few short weeks.

We expect this sale will be good news for everyone involved. We can't give you more details than that right now, but we are very excited at the possibilities this creates for both the new owner and the Vinefire members.

As we prepare for this transition, we will be making some changes to the website. We'll keep you updated.

Vinefire Staff

Had I been duped again? Was this just another ploy to get people to spend time on the Vinefire website, clicking and clicking and clicking. . . . How do you earn money online within minutes on Vinefire?

There is a daily earning limit of $25. Unless you have a very forgiving index finger, $25 is enough for one day . . . click, click, click. . . . Sign-up and promote your offers (URLs) for FREE. Every time someone votes your link up, you earn $0.02. Click on sponsor links and earn $0.90 per click (seems more like $0.23 per click based on my experience).

There are even more ways to earn money with Vinefire. Refer a friend and earn 50% of their earnings when they click, vote or add a link on Vinefire. You get $10 for every referral, and new members get $10 just for signing up! Here's my Vinefire referral link just in case the sales goes through.

Unlike other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising websites, on Vinefire it's easy to rack up the dollars every day. Clicking and voting on Vinefire is all done from their "live links" pages. Add as many links as you like and generate traffic for your Web presence.

Does all of this sound too easy? Is it too good to be true, probably so. Nevertheless, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to sign-up, earn your $10 sign-up bonus and put your first $25 worth of clicks in the [Vinefire] bank.


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